UKAR AUTO : 6 Tips How To Wash Your Car Without Scratches

How to wash your car color and black and white actually no special technique is needed, but there are some things you need to look at the car so that later you can continue to look shiny, sleek and can keep the damage to the car paint, so always durable. How to clean your own car for some people probably will feel really lazy and then select a shortcut to clean his personal car. Try this tips from

Car Wash

But many people found themselves cleaning the car was really fun, but can take care of your own car without anyone? this sort of thing can give satisfaction. Another advantage that can do their own car wash will also raise awareness about hygiene cars, especially in the interior. Except if you did not have a lot of time to care for themselves, by submitting the car to the vehicle cleaning service is the right choice. And leisure time you give to the family.

Benefits of clean or wash your own car

Cleaning a car that is a few steps you for always taking care of your car to keep it shiny, shiny, clean, and care for car paint that continues to seem appealing and does not disappear because of the dust.

Especially for those of you who have free time taking care of his own car at home, here are some things you need to look for damage to the body or automobile paint.

How to wash your car is good and right in order to avoid scratches and faded paint color

  1. Before when you clean a car with soap, removing first the dirt attached to the car paint, how to use water spraying gets the car body.
  2. While the body of the car are dried dung, avoid to brush it away. This sort resulting paint your car scratched, so try if you want to wipe it away wet again.
  3. One more important thing that should be remember when washing the car, try not carelessly with liquid soap, for example, is used in the kitchen. Use a special soap to wash cars for intended that the natural oils that make car paint protection is not damaged and missing or cause a car paint colors quickly fade and fade. Select the brand of soap with a good car to avoid the car body rusting. Especially for those car owners in white and black, because often times they always pay attention to this.
  4. A car has interaction with sunlight, try to cool the car before the first time you wash it, this sort of thing has a purpose that waxed and shiny paint your car does not dry quickly and as a result the car you keep shiny.
  5. Begin cleaning your car from the upper side and under the car gets resumed, this sort of thing has a purpose that the sponge / foam used is not affected when the dirt first start out from above and minimize the occurrence of scratches paint your car.
  6. Take advantage of the sponge / foam specifically for washing cars or vehicles, do not wear secondhand sofa seat foam.

Okay! 6 The thing is how to wash their own cars really be noticed. If the above things are handled properly, then your car would look always shiny without any scratches. good luck!