Rules you need to understand renting a car in USA

Car rental companies have to face enormous issues regarding insurance liabilities. And for the reason they have to follow some hard rules when renting out a car or van. And the rules are equally applicable to all the national dealers. One should meet these rules or criteria to rent a car. But there are some companies do not believe in hard restriction. We will talk it later. Till now let’s talk about general rules of renting car in USA.


All the car rental companies require that the customers come to them hire car must have a valid license to show. One must have a driving license in the country where they claim to be resident. The license should be valid and hold the validity during the whole renting period. Along with the driver’s license the customers have to present a credit card. And the age of the driver should not be less than 25 years. However some companies allow rent a car 19 years old. And usually they charge an extra fee for that. Many car rental companies ask to show your driving record along with driving license. And the divers having bad driving records can be denied to avail a rental car.


Insuring car rentals have two major options. First one if you don’t have any car insurance policy then you has to purchase one from the car rental company. Secondly, your insurance must cover the rental car policy. If your car insurance does not cover the rental car policy, car rental companies are there to offer you to buy their insurance policy at picking up. So do not forget to bring your copy of insurance. In case you could not manage to bring it, call your insurance agency to fax the necessary papers to the car rental agency. No matter the case, remember you must have to provide a valid copy of your insurance paper, otherwise you are suggested to purchase it instantly.

Extra Fees

The charges you expect when renting a car are not all. There are policies of company to pay some extra charges. Surely you can avoid them. But first you need to know them thoroughly. For example, you will be charged extra if you want to add another extra driver. So do not add extra driver unless it is free of cost. Not only that, car Rental Company will check all the valid documents of the second driver as well. The additional fees can come in the form of child seat or GPS. So it is better to carry your own child seat from home if it is possible. Most of the car rental companies charge extra if you return the late. Though some companies allow few hours grace period of returning the car late. You might be charge extra for returning car with empty fuel tank. Ask them the fuel policy before picking up the car.

Knowing all the rules and company’s policy make your car renting process smooth and you will enjoy your journey.