Items for Your Vehicle to Show the World Your Sporting Allegiance!

When it comes to sports, there are fans who enjoy the game, and then there are fans who are the game. If you have ever watched a game on TV and seen the people with no shirt on and letters painted on their chest then you know exactly the type of people we are talking about.

If this sounds like you and you simply need to let the world know which team you support, below are some great ways for you to use your car to do just that!

Customized License Plates

While you might not enjoy paying your vehicle’s registration, you may be less likely to hate the task if it came with license plates with your favorite team’s designs. Speak with your local road authority about the type of license plate holders you are permitted to use and order yourself a set of sport themed plate holders.


If you have a little on in the back of the car then you likely also have a sun-shade to keep the sun out of their sensitive eyes. This is the perfect space for you to advertise your side with a team designed sunshade from the Groupon Coupons page for Fanatics. While it may be a little early for your little one to enjoy the game, it’s never too early to introduce them to the mascot they will likely see in their dreams as they grow up with a fanatic for a Dad.


Of course, your little one isn’t the only person who needs shade from the sun. As you take your child out of the car, be sure to put your team’s logo on your windshield by way of a themed windshield sunshade. This is the best way to let passersby know just how you feel about your favorite team.

If you and your partner have trouble agreeing on the best team, don’t be afraid to switch the windshield shade with the child window shade, with the team currently on the top of the ladder having prime windshield placement.

Can You Take the Pressure?

When it comes to true fandom, it’s the small details which matter. For example, why let the precious advertising space available on the cover of your tires’ air plug, when you could replace it with one decorated in your favorite team’s colors. You can get their logo, too!

If you love your team as much as I’m sure you do, then the chances are that you are reading the rest of this article as you prepare to get into your car and decorate it until you have no free space left. And while many people who tell you to stop, we say, go for it! Show the world your true colors and don’t be ashamed to show the world who you stand with! Unless, of course, the grand final comes and you don’t win. Then it might be time to take the decorations down.