How to Make Stainless Oval Exhaust Tubing

Cars of all ages are usually fitted with a round exhaust – it’s the usual, standard look and it is one that can be deviated from. There’s no reason that you need to keep the round exhaust tubing at all. You can pick a multitude of shapes, from round, square, oval and even dual piping.

Oval is a popular choice though thanks to the fact that it makes the car or engine look much more streamlined and smart. It gives a slight, subtle look to the car. It’s also believed to provide aerodynamic properties that round ones aren’t purported to have. This is important, because the overall air balance is vital for a well performing exhaust.

If you start with a round exhaust, it’s possible to convert this to an oval one fairly easily by using round to oval conversion adapters. These can be fitted into the system. It is also possible to convert an oval exhaust tubing through to a round exhaust tubing too, using the same machines. This means you can have the tubing beginning as oval and then going through into a line too. This gives you much more customization options to play with to get the exact look that you’re after. You can switch it up too, along the piping, allowing for different configurations in one.

Split Pipes or Bent Exhausts

Even though an Stainless Oval Exhaust Tubing sounds like it will be oval, they actually come in a fair few different shapes. You can chose which shape you get too, depending on what kind of personality you’re trying to give your exhaust and what kind of flair you want it to have.

It is also possible to take a single, standard pipe and split it into two separate lines giving a more fancy look to the engine without too much hard work, too. These tend to be common on European sports and racing cars and it’s a look that has influenced many people when it’s come to them modifying their exhaust systems.

There’s also bent exhausts available which is exactly as it sounds – the pipe is bent. There are a few different techniques to do this. It’s mainly done to enhance the effect of the fabrication, but can also be done for aesthetic reasons, too, if it’s the look that you’re going for. There are different machines available that can help you with this goal and ensure that you get the right look. It’s important to ensure that, if you use this machines, you read the instructions properly and use the right size die for the tubing, or you can find a professional to help you with the job to ensure that it is done properly.

You don’t just get the end piece, either. It’s possible to get oval exhaust tubing all the way to the end of your vehicle and you can have multiple splits along the way as long as you use chrome headers along the lines. As long as you have the money for it, there’s nothing that’s too far-fetched when it comes to fabricating and customizing your engine or exhaust system. A little bit of imagination goes a long way. Just make sure that you’re placing the headers in all the right places and that they’re working correctly to get the absolute most from your engine once you turn it over again.

Why Change the Tubing?

If not for the overall benefits of having a more streamlined exhaust system with better airflow and air management, it can also be used to give an appearance to a vehicle. Especially if it is an older model that doesn’t have all the same technology within it when it comes to air balance. Just because it doesn’t have it doesn’t mean that you can’t make people think it does by giving it a specific look. Most people can be fooled by just a glance.

It also allows for a little expression, too. You can change the exhaust system on your vehicle and give it the look that you want it to have, not the look that it came with. There’s no reason not to make changes if you can afford to do it, and either know what you’re doing or make sure you get a professional involved to make sure that the process goes smoothly. There are many out there that are skilled in this area and would be happy to help and it ensures that you get a smooth running exhaust and engine system in the long run without any risks.


When it comes to changing the exhaust tubing to an oval shape, there are concerns that this can effect the engine in negative ways – which is true if it’s fitted wrong. There’s a chance of losing back pressure in the engine which can cause for fuel to not be utilized properly and for leaks to occur. These are available though if you ensure that you’re getting your fittings checked by a technician who is qualified in this area, or has experienced and is certified. Losing back pressure can be an issue as this is what primarily can affect the loss of horse power in your engine and exhaust system.

You don’t need to pay for a technician to check over the entire system either, just where the conversion takes place to ensure that it was all fitted correctly the first time and that the headers are doing their job. It’s better to be safer than sorry when it comes to changing your engine, especially if you’re trying to give it an upgrade. You don’t want to accidently end up downgrading it.