Driving the Same Model of Car I Own Back Home in a Country Halfway Around the World

I never traveled much. Then I find myself halfway around the world in a country that is quite different than what I was used to. I wanted to explore a bit on my own as I was allowed to move freely in the country. I rented a vehicle in Dubai and drove around looking at some of the most unique architecture I have ever seen. The temperatures here climb over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you probably can tell where I’m from as we are really the only country to not be using the Metric system. Anyway, architectural design here manipulates the sun to provide areas of shade and cool. Did you know that you can even go skiing here in the desert? They have an indoor ski hill. I cannot imagine the amount of energy it takes to keep the place below freezing.

It was weird to be driving around in a Kia here in Dubai. It was the same as the Sportage I own back home. Everyone was nice to me, but I was like a duck out of water being from a place that is predominately forested and temperate. It was way too hot here for me even in the shade. I was used to wearing jeans and a tee shirt along with a sturdy pair of boots to be able to traverse outdoor terrain where I’m from. Here, it made me feel overheated and sand kept getting between my toes. I got to witness a sandstorm too. It was frighteningly awesome.

I was driving when I saw the brownish cloud in the distance when there was some space to see the horizon unobstructed by tall buildings. I drove through part of it not thinking how the dust would affect the air filter on the engine or if it would clog the cabin air filter for the air conditioning system. I also thought it amusing to have a heater in the car here in the desert. Yes, some nights can get cool, but this is one place they don’t need to be a standard feature.