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Selecting the Right Architect for Your Project Is there anything as exciting as constructing a new home or renovating an old one? And typically, the person who can greatly affect the outcome of such an important undertaking is the architect. Picking the right architect is an essential part of any building plan. The plan he or she will draw up will dictate the final look and function of your home, as well as how much financially and emotionally you have to spend on the construction. Whoever you hire should be well-versed on the local authority planning code and rules, and know the most recent building regulations. The design might be great but if it does not follow the rules, it won’t get built and your money will be wasted. Ultimately, the architect you are looking for is someone suitable to your situation, to your finances, and to you. Keep in mind that not all architects design houses. There are specialists who only design non-residential buildings like shopping malls. What you are looking for is a residential architect who can do customized houses. It goes without saying that you have to be familiar with their existing work and know which is agreeable to you. After considering their style and taste which should mesh with yours, you may want to look at their general attention to detail, the kind of materials and technologies that they use (depending on your preferences), and the size of other residential projects they have completed. It is a good indicator of which architect can manage better the expressed conditions and scope of your project. When it comes to architect fees, there is likely to be a sizable difference from one architect to another based on their experience, reputation and demand. The terms of payment may also differ from architect to architect. The number of services you want your architect to do for you during the construction of your house may also affect architect fees. You may involve your architect in a number of services such as drawing basic designs and facilitating permits, computing costings for labor and materials, overseeing landscape design, doing additional technical documentation and individual fitting and fixture specifications, and contracting project management services. Of course, the more work you give to your architect, the more he will charge you for his or her services.
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Architects bill their clients either through percentage fees, fixed fee projects, or hourly rates. Just like all contracts done with building professionals, make sure that all the fees for the architectural work to be done is clearly stipulated in the client and architect agreement you will sign with your architect. It is essential that you and your architect arrive to a mutual understanding of your obligations to each other before signing the contract.The Beginner’s Guide to Resources