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The Benefits of Sex Games in Your Relationship

Do you want to put a little sizzle into your relationship? Do you want to increase your sex life up a notch?

This is a very easy thing. You should give sex games a go right now. Yes, you got that right. Sex games not only let you have fun but also let you enjoy more passionate sexual intercourse with your partner, resulting to the both of you becoming closer than ever.

Truth be told, sex games are not only capable of breaking the monotony of your sex routine. They are also capable of removing the wall between your partner and yourself. Additionally, they broaden your horizons when it comes to your sexual experience.
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Below are some sex games that you can try to keep you and your partner busy at night.
A 10-Point Plan for Games (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Sexy twister: Do you like playing the classic game of twister? Yes, that kind of game where players are going to place their right leg on the yellow board and left hand on the green board? So, now you know that; imagine playing the game naked with your loved one. Yes, how intense could this game get. The sexy twister has been deemed the Kama Sutra of sex games. To even sizzle the game more than ever, you can divert the attention of your partner by kissing, tickling, licking, and nuzzling.

3-7 minutes in heaven: For this game, it is important that you make use of a closet. You can play the game by following these instructions. You wait for your partner in the dark while you close your closet door. For this game, your senses are all the more heightened while it is dark and the confined space and your expectation sizzles things up a bit. Slowly kiss the collarbone, hand, and arm of your partner as they step inside the closet. Do not offer your lips for kissing right away, just wait a bit longer until they can no longer hold things off.

Play the classic truth or dare. In spite of being the traditional game, there are still surprises round the corner. Whether you go for a dare or just go with the truth, there are still revelations waiting to be unveiled between the both of you. As for truth, ask about your partner’s sexual fantasies and bring them to reality. On the other hand, if they choose dare, let them give you a striptease or a lap dance. Just keep in mind not to bring up some things in the past that might make them conscious of themselves and jealous.

Play virtual adult games: Adult games are taking the virtual world by storm. Try playing this game with your partner to get the most of the experience. With adult games, you get to enjoy countless sex animations that are just fun to watch. The best thing about them is that you can make characters to star in your sexual scene and you and your partner are given full control over what both of you can do. This method lets you in on some sex ideas that you can do with your partner not only virtually but also in reality.